Extradition case to be referred to EU Court of Justice over possible impact of Brexit

A High Court judge will refer the case of a man wanted in Northern Ireland on a murder charge to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for determination on the impact of Brexit on extraditions to the UK.

The man is facing charges of murder and rape in Northern Ireland and was arrested in Dublin over two years ago.

Last Thursday, counsel for the Justice Minister, Robert Barron SC, requested that Ms Justice Aileen Donnelly refer the case to the CJEU and that the case be dealt with urgently.

Eight other cases of men wanted by authorities in the UK were also being dealt with under the application yesterday.

Ms Justice Donnelly said that having carefully considered the matter she would refer the man’s case to the CJEU.

She said that the issue of Brexit was “bound up with issues of mutual trust” and asked counsel to prepare a draft reference by Wednesday.

In February, the Supreme Court had referred another extradition case, that of 51-year-old Thomas Joseph O’Connor, who is wanted in the UK in connection with a £5 million tax fraud, to the CJEU.

Daniel Hickey, Ireland International News Agency Ltd.

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