And finally

And finally… hot air rage

A passenger flight was forced to make an emergency stop after a fight broke out over a man who refused to stop breaking wind. According to reports, the Transavia flight from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to land in Vienna because an elderly man on board had persisted in polluting the atmosphere despite  pleas to […]

And finally… expensive cut

A man who tried to pass off expensive veal as cheap fruit at a supermarket self-service checkout has been fined nearly £185,000. The 58-year-old businessman, who remains unnamed, was convicted of theft and given a penalty based on his monthly salary of £21,000. The veal liver he tried to nab had been priced at £42. […]

And finally… hard cheese

Trade talks between the EU and Mexico have been held to ransom by Spanish cheesemakers and their Mexican competitors, who remain locked in a long-running dispute over allegations of cheese plagiarism. Cheesemakers in La Mancha, central Spain, accuse their Mexican counterparts of a “crude plagiarism” of their famous Manchego cheese. The Spanish cheese, made from […]

And finally… no strings attached

An award-winning musician whose €1 million cello was stolen at knifepoint has had the 18th-century instrument anonymously returned. French soloist Ophelie Gaillard was forced to hand over the instrument and her mobile phone in a terrifying robbery in a Paris suburb. Days later, she received an anonymous call which informed her that the instrument was […]

And finally… cheesed off

A lawyer has complained to police after more than 100 unwanted pizzas were delivered to his office at the behest of an unknown party. Guido Grolle, a lawyer in Dortmund, told the Ruhr Nachrichten: “It’s so irrititating, I don’t even get my work done any more.” He added that the unsolicited food deliveries have recently […]

And finally… bad rap

A rapper who halted motorway traffic to film a music video has narrowly avoided jail after promising not to do it again. Rap star Sofiana Zermani, 34, stalled traffic on a four-lane motorway near Paris to film a video that has now been watched 33 million times. He and friends set up restaurant tables and […]

And finally… cover up

A property developer has been ordered to pay nearly €5.5 million to a group of graffiti artists after destroying their work without warning. The street artists took to court after 45 separate artworks were whitewashed as a precursor to the redevelopment of a site. Judge Frederic Block, of the US District Court for the Eastern […]

And finally… duty of scare

A couple who purchased a $3.2 million mansion are suing the brokers for failing to disclose that it featured in a popular horror TV show — plus, they add, it is actually haunted. In 2015, Dr Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold became the inadvertent owners of the Rosenheim Mansion at 1120 Westchester Place in […]

And finally… cop off

A new anti-speeding initiative involving a fake police officer turned out to be shortlived after the cardboard cop was stolen within hours. Police in Dundee, Scotland installed the cardboard cut-out of a police officer holding a speed gun near a school for disabled children. The two-dimensional officer, “Jim”, went on duty at 7.45am but was […]

And finally… sitting tight

A suspected gangster has spent 23 days in custody as police wait for him to go to the toilet and pass a suspected drugs stash. The man has been charged with two counts of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply, but police have not yet recovered the alleged goods. Police in Essex have […]