And finally

And finally… no ifs, no butts

A joint probe has been launched into a court official who ‘butt-dialled’ a reporter before admitting “I barely show up to work”. David Bookstaver, 58, was fired from his $166,000-a-year role in the Office of Court Administration after the New York Post reported that he revealed the information during an inadvertent butt dial. New York […]

And finally… bad habits

And finally… bad habits

A manhunt is under way for two women who allegedly disguised themselves as nuns and tried to rob a bank. One of the pair is said to have brandished a gun at staff in the Pennsylvania, USA bank before fleeing when an alarm was triggered. Both of the would-be robbers, who left empty-handed, are seen […]

And finally… Rasta rights

A Rastafarian church has claimed its rights were violated after its marijuana plants were confiscated by police. Reverend Heidi Lepp, of the Sugarleaf Rastafari Church, said: “They’re not respecting my church — and it’s not fake and I’m not hiding behind anything.” Days after police in Livingston, California destroyed the plants, Reverend Lepp filed a […]

And finally… judge not to be sniffed at

A man charged with drug possession who had the audacity to turn up at court with cannabis in his sock was caught out after the judge smelled his stash. Serbuhan G was charged with possession of the drug after being apprehended with 14 bags in March. But this failed to dissuade the 22-year-old Hanover man […]

And finally… wrong gear

An attempted carjacking apparently failed after the 17-year-old perpetrator realised he didn’t know how to drive manual transmission. Quinderris Brown has admitted robbing a man in Jefferson County, Alabama of his phone, tablet and car keys at gunpoint and driving off in his vehicle, before promptly having car troubles. He was forced to abandon the car […]

And finally… rotten apple

A man who failed to be crowned Apple Queen of a small German town in a head-to-head contest has challenged the results in court. The town of Guben in Brandenburg extended their traditional contest to men for the first time last year because of a shortage in candidates. But Marko Steidel, 42, refused to accept […]

And finally… toilet break

An Indian woman has successfully won a divorce under the country’s strict marriage laws by arguing her husband was torturing her by refusing to build a toilet in their home. The unnamed woman in her 20s was forced to relieve herself in fields for the duration of the five-year marriage. Up to half of the […]

And finally… acting the goat?

A man who brought his pet goat to a Lidl supermarket has denied that it amounted to disorderly behaviour. Andrew Meneice, 32, pleaded not guilty in Coleraine Magistrates Court yesterday to being disorderly, the Belfast Telegraph reports. He was released by District Judge Liam McNally on £200 bail, on the condition that he is not […]

And finally… stressed out

The manufacturers of a stress-reduction device have applied to go into examinership following a failed crowdfunding bid. Dublin-based firm Galvanic manufactures the Pip, a bio-sensor that assesses stress levels and feeds the data to a smartphone app. Galvanic was the first Irish company to raise $100,000 on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but its latest campaign on […]

And finally… selfie-harm

A man has been jailed after accidentally shooting a gun while taking a selfie in a strip club bathroom. Rorn Sorn, 34, was sentenced to six years and five months in prison for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon after police responding to the disturbance in Tampa, Florida found the gun and drugs on […]