And finally

And finally… cutting remarks

Health authorities who distributed safe snorting advice to cocaine users have come under fire for making light of drug use. Authorities in Bilbao handed out colourful credit cards – a popular tool for “cutting lines” – which bore slogans like: “Cut your line properly… If it is not properly cut, you could damage your nostrils”. […]

And finally… tilde’s out

Baby names with a tilde, as in the letter Ñ, are illegal in France, a court has ruled, sparking controversy in the distinct cultural region of Brittany. A Breton couple went to court after officials in the town of Quimper refused to record their child’s name, Fañch, on his birth certificate. However, the court ruled […]

And finally… home and away

The theft of a tiny house that later resurfaced over 750 miles away has baffled police officers. Julie Bray built the prototype home, worth around £12,000, for exhibition to investors, but it disappeared from her business premises on Sunday. Appealing for information from fellow Aussies through social media, she discovered it had already gone from […]

And finally… bare faced cheek

A group of bikini-clad baristas and their boss have claimed a local authority ban on revealing work uniforms violates their right to free speech. Seven workers and the owner of coffee chain Hillbilly Hotties are suing over the “quick service restaurant” rules, which they say deprive them of the ability to communicate through their clothes […]

And finally… deal or no deal

The former host of TV’s Deal Or No Deal has assured Lloyds Banking Group that they “can’t beat me on deep pockets” as he continues to seek £300 million from the bank, more than triple his original claim. Noel Edmonds is now in a similar situation to his former contestants, who tried to win as […]

And finally… doughnuts

A pair of young men have been forced to pay thousands after they were shown doing doughnuts in their cars in a viral Facebook video. Martin Hayden, 25, and Iarfhlaith O’Brien, 21, have agreed to pay €3,500 each to the court poor box to reduce their charge of dangerous driving to one of careless driving, […]

And finally… horse with no name

Iceland’s official horse register has clamped down on foreign names. The International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations (FEIF) officially banned non-Icelandic names from WordFengur, the official registrar for purebred Icelandic horses. Horse breeder Guðrún Hrafnsdóttir was knocked back by the two-member horse naming committee when she suggested naming her mare Mósan, Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið reports. […]

And finally… off the wagon

A man who told police his car had been stolen later found out he had sold it while drunk so he could continue drinking. The New Zealander went to Rotorua police station to tell police that someone had nicked his car. In reality, he had sold it for $800 so he could keep buying drinks. […]

And finally… buzz off

A man has been banned from Twitter after he made a death threat — against a mosquito. The threats began on 20 August after the Japanese man was repeatedly bitten while watching TV. After he killed the mosquito he tweeted: “Where do you get off biting me all over while I’m just trying to relax […]

And finally… dead loss

A disbarred lawyer who was convicted of impersonating Dead Sea Scrolls scholars in a series of emails has been jailed for two years. Judges upheld 10 of Raphael Golb’s convictions in New York state court but rejected a further seven. Golb is the son of an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Norman Gold, a […]