And finally

And finally… the law is an ass

A herd of donkeys has been punished for eating plants outside a prison – by being jailed. Donkeys in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh were convicted of destroying expensive plants outside a jail compound in Jalaun district. The donkeys were locked up for four days for their crime, NDTV reports. Explaining the asinine decision, […]

And finally… surprise!

A lawyer was arrested after allegedly barging into a stranger’s home while high on ecstasy and in a state of undress, shouting “I’m here!”. Justin Paul Christodoro, 39, entered an unsuspecting couple’s home at around 5pm on 11 November, according to police reports, wearing a tight black shirt, high heels and nothing else. Apparently realising […]

And finally… not so fast

A lawyer who pinned speeding tickets on her ex-husband and a former client has been found guilty of professional misconduct and struck off. Jinhi Kim was arrested in October 2015 after her law firm in Sydney, Australia was searched by police, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. She pleaded guilty to using her ex-husband and former […]

And finally… pulling power

An 18-year-old who drove a tractor around Derry in a bid to pick up women has been fined £50. Anthony Breslin admitted having no L-plates on his tractor during his ultimately unsuccessful jaunt through the city in August. The farm vehicle was seen driving up Shipquay Street and through the Diamond before being stopped by […]

And finally… walkies

A member of the Wu-Tang Clan has launched a copyright suit against a dog-walking company calling itself Woof-Tang Clan. In court papers filed by producer and rapper RZA, the dog-walking company is alleged to have violated the rap group’s trademarks. Brooklyn-based Woof-Tang Clan owner Marty Cuatchon told the New York Daily News that he was […]

And finally… what’s in a name?

An Indonesian man pulled over for speeding avoided a ticket and was given a job after officers noticed his first name meant “Police”. Sympathetic cops were stunned to meet 22-year-old construction worker Polisi, whose name is Indonesian for “Police”. A video of the traffic stop went viral on Indonesian social media. Instead of facing a […]

And finally… snapped

A voyeur who planted a secret camera in a Starbucks toilet has been caught on his own camera. Police have now published the photo of the as-yet unidentified man, who inadvertently took a clear photograph of himself with the camera he planted in the ceiling in the coffee shop’s only toilet. The camera is believed […]

And finally… Brexiteers pole-axed

UK Home Office officials have said they may have to hire Polish and other Eastern European workers to help register EU nationals after Brexit. Immigration lawyers told The Guardian that UK visas and immigration officials had privately admitted at a recent conference that they were struggling to entice enough staff. According to Home Secretary Amber […]

And finally… fair trial

An accused person in Illinois is not automatically entitled to a new trial if the judge falls asleep during their trial, appeal judges have ruled. The Illinois Appellate Court dismissed an appeal from convicted spree killer Nicholas Sheley, who said the Circuit Court of the 14th Judicial Circuit erred in refusing his lawyers’ application for […]

And finally… half-pint

A couple who wanted to name their baby after their favourite beer have been rebuked by a government agency governing baby names. The Swedish couple were told by the Skatteverket that the name Pilzner was – like its namesake – “unsuitable” for a child. All parents in Sweden are required to submit their choice of […]