And finally

And finally… no khan do

A publisher has been subjected to angry demonstrations over a comic book character who scribbles a penis on a portrait of Genghis Khan. Dozens of Mongolians protested the “barbaric act” outside Shogakukan Inc.’s headquarters in Tokyo earlier this week, reportedly shouting: “Insulting Genghis Khan is unforgivable!” The publisher has already apologised for the offending cartoon […]

And finally… couldn’t make it up

A top judge is suing an ethics panel that found him guilty of plagiarism. Miroslav Šeparović, president of the Constitutional Court of Croatia, has filed criminal complaints against all five members of the national Committee on Ethics in Science and Higher Education (CESHE). The committee examined the judge’s 2013 doctoral thesis and found it full […]

And finally… eagle-eyed

Eagles will be the first line of defence against rogue drones under plans put into motion by police in Geneva, Switzerland. Two eagles are currently being trained to take down drones, which are being increasingly used around the world to commit crimes such as airlifting contraband or take compromising photographs of individuals. Silvain Guillaume-Gentil, spokesperson […]

And finally… prude awakening

A nightclub that encourages revellers to strip naked and “do whatever you want” has been described as a breeding ground for “broken souls” by a nearby church. Naked partygoers are given free entrance to Klubb Naket, a venue on Stockholm’s “hipster island” of Södermalm. The club is equipped with what it calls “hinges” – dark […]

And finally… slept in

An “exceptionally” drunk burglar who fell asleep in the kitchen armchair of the house he was raiding has been jailed for two years. Homeowner David English initially thought Mark O’Mahony, 33, was his son when he found the intruder sleeping in an armchair at the end of his kitchen table, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard. […]

And finally… self-examination

Law students in Ghana have mounted a protest after the vast majority of students failed their professional exams. According to figures from Ghana School of Law, only 91 students out of 474 candidates (19 per cent) succeeded in their final exams. But angered students have responded to the result by demanding an independent review of […]

And finally… hot air rage

A passenger flight was forced to make an emergency stop after a fight broke out over a man who refused to stop breaking wind. According to reports, the Transavia flight from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to land in Vienna because an elderly man on board had persisted in polluting the atmosphere despite  pleas to […]

And finally… expensive cut

A man who tried to pass off expensive veal as cheap fruit at a supermarket self-service checkout has been fined nearly £185,000. The 58-year-old businessman, who remains unnamed, was convicted of theft and given a penalty based on his monthly salary of £21,000. The veal liver he tried to nab had been priced at £42. […]

And finally… hard cheese

Trade talks between the EU and Mexico have been held to ransom by Spanish cheesemakers and their Mexican competitors, who remain locked in a long-running dispute over allegations of cheese plagiarism. Cheesemakers in La Mancha, central Spain, accuse their Mexican counterparts of a “crude plagiarism” of their famous Manchego cheese. The Spanish cheese, made from […]

And finally… no strings attached

An award-winning musician whose €1 million cello was stolen at knifepoint has had the 18th-century instrument anonymously returned. French soloist Ophelie Gaillard was forced to hand over the instrument and her mobile phone in a terrifying robbery in a Paris suburb. Days later, she received an anonymous call which informed her that the instrument was […]