And finally

And finally… pull your socks up

A man who tried to smuggle three snakes across a border in his socks is facing jail for violating wildlife regulations. Chaoyi Le, 28, is facing up to five years in a US prison after he admitted trying to smuggle three western hog-nosed snakes into Canada by concealing them in his socks. He initially claimed […]

And finally… gulag chic

Russia’s prison service has trademarked “Made in Prison”, a label soon to appear on clothes made in the country’s extensive penal system. Russia’s incarceration rate, at 450 per 100,000 members of the population, is the highest in Europe and one of the highest in the world. Human rights groups have repeatedly criticised its penal labour […]

And finally… dram shame

A strip club has successfully argued in court that an award of over £2 million in damages to a woman injured by a drunk-driving stripper should be overturned because of local dram shop laws. The Ohio Supreme Court found the stripper qualified as an “intoxicated person” under the Dram Shop Act even though she wasn’t […]

And finally… loo-ser

A perennial toilet seat thief was caught after being captured on camera clutching his ceramic booty. Johnny Madikana, 61, was arrested in connection with numerous hotel toilet seat thefts in August. He was convicted of theft and given a three-month sentence, suspended for three years after he stole the seats from the Phoenix Hotel in Port […]

And finally… that’s amore

An Italian woman who failed to find her soul mate has married herself in a ceremony which has no legal significance. Laura Mesi, 40, from Lissone near Milan spent €10,000 on her solo-wedding. She told La Repubblica: “I told my relatives and friends that if I had not found my soul mate I would marry myself […]

And finally… ass into gear

A court has been asked whether a donkey is at fault for taking a bite out of a bright orange sports car mistaken for a “carrot on wheels”. Markus Zahn parked his €300,000 Mclaren 650S Spider in a car park bordering a paddock in the German state of Hesse last September. While he was parked, […]

And finally… bum wrap

A man has been arrested while allegedly trying to smuggle nearly a kilogram of gold onto a plane in his rectum. The 45-year-old man attracted attention because he was “walking with difficulty” and “appearing to be in pain”, security said. Officers in the Sri Lankan airport then searched him, finding a total of 904 grams […]

And finally… all lit up

A drug trafficker was caught after she put fake police lights on a drug-laden vehicle to speed through traffic on her way to court. Ebony Lerra Holland-Harris has been jailed for more than three years after her “substantial street level trafficking operation” was inadvertently exposed by the road traffic offence. Ms Holland-Harris was in the […]

And finally… pepperoni passion

A couple outraged public decency after they were caught having sex in a branch of Domino’s Pizza. Daniella Hirst, 29, and Craig Smith, 31, were recorded on CCTV in the pizza takeaway earlier this year performing various sex acts after placing their order. Hirst pleaded guilty to outraging public decency while Smith was found guilty […]

And finally… lathered up

A tiny company in rural Scotland is gearing up for a trademark battle with cosmetics giant L’Oréal over its use of the word “naked”. Gary Lee Rushforth, owner of The Naked Soap Company in Dalgety Bay, Fife, told The Courier: “We can’t afford fancy lawyers to fight it. But it’s unreal that they think they […]