And finally

And finally… love will find a way

A judge in the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin has been widely praised for excusing a man from jury duty because it was his ‘first time in love’ and he had planned a long weekend with his partner. Journalist Sarah Jane Murphy reported the exchange on Twitter. It reads: “Man: I can’t serve; I’m […]

And finally…naked before the law

Two drunk and blood-spattered brothers kicked, punched and spat at a police patrol car – before fully undressing in the street. Twenty-two year old Sam Mooney and his brother Craig, 20, threatened gardai that they would “kick their heads in” after a patrol car responded to an incident at a house in Dublin. Craig is currently […]

And finally… checkmate

A man was removed from court after her called the judge “mate”. Antony Dickinson was sent to the cells at Hull Crown Court during the trial of Benjamin Bowden, accused of causing the deaths of two people, including Dickinson’s sister, by careless driving. As he was addressing the court, Judge Jeremy Richardson heard a man […]

And finally… no more kart blanche

Japan is introducing new laws to deal with go-kart drivers who have been hitting the streets of Tokyo dressed as Mario characters. A recent fad has seen tourists invited to drive around the Japanese capital dressed as characters from the hit racing game Mario Kart. A loophole in the Road Transport Vehicle Act means that […]

And finally… challenging juror

A retired judge has spoken of her disappointment after she didn’t make the cut as a prospective juror in a murder trial. Geraldine S. Hines, 70, has worked as a defence lawyer for 46 years, helped establish New England’s first law firm run exclusively by women of colour, and served on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial […]

And finally… an offer you can’t refuse

The daughter of a late mafia boss renowned for his cruelty has launched an online shop in his name, selling coffee and olive oil. Maria Concetta Riina set up the “Uncle Totò” website with her husband Antonino Ciavarello in memory of Totò Riina, who died at 87 last month. The former head of the Sicilian […]

And finally… read all about it

Civil rights activists have complained about bizarre rules that ban Texas prisoners from reading Where’s Waldo? but allow them to read the works of former KKK grand wizard David Duke and Adolf Hitler. A list of 10,000 books banned from Texas prisons includes Homer Simpson’s Little Book of Laziness and Monty Python’s Big Red Book. […]

And finally… stiff breeze

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has denied rumours that fumes from its viagra factory in County Cork are exciting local men – and dogs. Residents of Ringaskiddy, on Ireland’s southwestern coast, told The Sunday Times they’ve been “getting the love fumes for years now”. Innkeeper Debbie O’Grady quipped: “One whiff and you’re stiff!” Fiona Toomey, a former Pfizer […]

And finally… dicking around

Two US Navy pilots have been disciplined for drawing a massive penis in the sky over Washington state, the Military Times reports. The punishment is not disclosed, but the pair will keep their jobs. Vice Admiral Mike Shoemaker said the “sophomoric and immature antics of a sexual nature” had “no place in naval aviation today”. […]

And finally… repeat after me

A lawyer and former educator has said reusing old questions in a bar exam is “not a big deal”. Antonio La Viña, a former dean at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines made the comments after it emerged that the 2017 bar exams used questions from previous years’ tests. “It’s not a big deal […]