And finally

And finally… crystal clear

A 20-year old drug dealer – who ran his crystal meth supplying business like a modern corporation, with business strategy meetings and a system that saw him charge interest on debts and give price guides, discounts and refunds for complaints – has been praised by a judge for his business acumen. Justice Ann Lyons was […]

And finally… unholy trinity

Three women who carried an enormous plastic vagina through Seville in Spain as part of a protest meant to mimic the Easter procession could be jailed after their actions were deemed a “religious hate crime”. In May 2014 the trio paraded the plastic vagina, set atop a plinth in the style of the Virgin Mary, […]

And finally… forgive me father

A popular parish priest who took part in an Easter parade dressed as Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner and who simulated sex with males dressed as Bunny Girls has apologised to his parishioners for his “misguided” behaviour. Father Juan Carlos Martínez, 40, dressed up to take part in his Galician town’s annual Easter parade and lounged […]

And finally… head case

A leading federal US judge has announced that he is opposed to execution by lethal injection — and would prefer to introduce the guillotine instead. Judge Alex Kozinski, a prominent and controversial judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, is a conservative appointed by President Reagan. His Court of Appeals is the nation’s largest […]

And finally… sign of the times

A former IBM employee who is deaf is suing his lawyer for wrongly interpreting his sign language after settling his discrimination case for $200,000 rather than the amount he claims to have asked for – $200m. James Wang, 49, argues his lawyer, Andrew Rozynski, exaggerated his understanding of sign language and mistook the amount Mr Wang […]

And finally… seedy story

Police in Thailand have arrested a man after he attempted to smuggle six vials of human semen across the border to Laos. Authorities discovered the load in a nitrogen tank in the man’s bag as he was passing through the town of Nong Khai. He confessed that the semen was intended for a fertility clinic […]

And finally… open-and-shut case

Judges in India’s Supreme Court have thrown out a lawsuit because no one can understand it. The case was filled with so much jargon that it was incomprehensible. One of the justices is quoted by the Hindustan Times as saying: “We will have to set it aside because one cannot understand this.” The case centres […]

And finally… barred

A lawyer who drunkenly harassed diners in a Thai restaurant before launching a foul-mouthed tirade at police and patrons was eventually banned from a total of 225 bars and restaurants. Leon Monastirski was arrested last February after police were called by bosses at a Thai restaurant where he was reportedly annoying diners. Mr Monastirski refused […]

And finally… little acorns

Celeb couple Victoria and David Beckham have registered their five-year-old daughter Harper’s name as a trademark. According to European intellectual property office records, Victoria Beckham registered The Harper Beckham trademark in February. The trademark covers products including toys, make-up and clothes, as well as use in the entertainment industry. Oliver Bray, partner at international law […]

And finally… raging bull

The artist who sculpted Wall Street’s famous “Charging Bull” statue claims New York City has violated his legal rights by allowing the “Fearless Girl” statue to be installed opposite his work. Italian-born Arturo Di Modica has complained that the other artwork, installed without his permission, ingrines on his own artistic copyright, The Guardian reports. His […]