Judge calls for stricter mobile phone purchase laws

A Circuit Court judge has called for legislation to implement stricter rules governing the purchase of mobile phones, the Irish Examiner reports.

Judge Keenan Johnson, sitting in Roscommon Circuit Court, made the comments while sentencing a 53-year-old man for sending harassing text messages to two young women.

The court heard that the mobile phone used to commit the offences had been purchased using a false name and address.

Judge Johnson said: “It is noted with concern that in this particular case the accused was able to purchase a mobile phone by giving a false name and address. I am firmly of the view that in order to tackle this type of crime and indeed numerous other types of offences that are committed using mobile technology, the law should be changed.”

He said a person purchasing a mobile phone should have to provide evidence of identity, such as a passport, a PPS number and a utility bill.

He said: “It is quite extraordinary that in this day and age somebody can acquire a mobile phone which has the capacity to be used for criminal activities, without providing proof of identity.

“I believe this is an area that the authorities should look at, and legislation should be introduced making it more difficult to acquire a mobile phone.”