Minister confident about Trump’s respect for EU data protection

Dara Murphy

Dara Murphy

Data Protection Minister Dara Murphy has said he believes EU data privacy concerns will continue to be recognised by US President Donald Trump, The Irish Times reports.

Mr Murphy made the remarks in Washington, shortly after meeting Maureen Ohlhausen, acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

It comes amid concerns that the new US administration could seek to undermine the EU-US Privacy Shield, which replaced the Safe Harbour deal early last year.

He said: “I was struck at the very positive state of the relationship now in comparison to the time when the Safe Harbour agreement was struck down and the negotiations for a successor was taking place.”

Mr Murphy added: “On the foot of my meeting I am significantly less worried. I think a very strong understanding that the trade crosses the Atlantic in both directions.

“There was a very good understanding that there had to be a very robust, well supported mechanism for the treatment of EU citizens’ data here in America.”