Commercial law firms failing to make women partners

The UK’s biggest commercial law firms are failing to make their female lawyers partners, with the number promoted remaining flat over the past 12 months, The Brief reports.

Less than 20 per cent of the partners at the top ten commercial practices in the City of London are female, according to figures from a poll commissioned by London consultancy Edward Drummond & Co.

Of the top 100 biggest commercial law firms, women make up a quarter of partners, an increase of a single percentage point in 12 months.

Edward Drummond gave many explanations for the absence of gender diversity at the top.

The consultants said that “Clients of top tier law firms tend to have a greater need for partners and their teams to be available virtually 24-7.”

They added that “This contributes substantially to the deficit of women at partner level within these organisations” and that “women still tend to take on a greater share of childcare responsibilities than men”.

Jaidee Spear, who worked on the research, said: “The reality is that women still tend to be the ones to sacrifice their careers in order to raise their families.”