The Irish Centre for Human Rights

The Irish Centre for Human Rights is one of the world’s premier human rights law centres, with a global reputation for excellence in the field of human rights teaching, research and advocacy. LLM and PhD students benefit from the dedicated support, professional expertise and world-class teaching of our staff who combine their subject expertise with extensive real world field and public policy experience. Our specialised programmes are complemented by a programme of seminars, conferences and summer schools that bring leading practitioners and scholars to the Centre, and are open to all students.

LLM in International Human Rights Law

The LLM in International Human Rights Law provides students with a comprehensive insight into the legalframework of human rights protection, and engages students in the practice and policy context of human rights.Students chose from a range of modules, including Refugee Protection, International Criminal Justice, Gender and Law, International Humanitarian Law, Migration Law and Trafficking, Business and Human Rights, European Human Rights Law, Children’s Rights, Counter-terrorism. The programme includes interdisciplinary teaching and focuses on essential human rights lawyering skills, including advocacy, strategic litigation, fact-finding and development.

LLM in International Criminal Law

The LLM in International Criminal Law equips students with an in-depth knowledge of the principles and practice of international criminal law. It allows them to develop a critical approach to the relationship between other accountability mechanisms in conflict / post-conflict settings, such as truth commissions, hybrid tribunals and amnesties. Students participate in the renowned international summer school on the International Criminal Court and a field trip to the Court and international law institutions in The Hague.

LLM in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict

The LLM in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict focuses on UN peacekeeping and peace operations and aims to provide insights into the peace operations and conflict resolution frameworks. The course begins with a general introduction to international peacekeeping and peace support operations and international humanitarian law and students can complement these modules with optional modules such as conflict and post-conflict studies, human rights field work, and refugee law.

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